We dream of a society that empowers humans to leverage their creativity for personal and collective achievement.


The dawn of the creative society

For the past 30 years, the school-work-retirement model has been the norm. Higher education was the best way to secure a job at a large company, where people would then spend half of their lives “building a career.” Easy lending, provided by complicit banking institutions, made it possible to own stuff (a dishwasher, two cars, three TVs, etc.). All these goods were manufactured by the same corporations that gave us a paycheck — the proxy for a comfortable, reassuring life.

Our world was shaped by a handful of corporations, and people were mostly happy with that. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, were a rare breed – the only ones discontent with this status quo.

When the Great Recession hit in the late 2000s, every kid and young adult witnessed their parents getting the axe while these corporations prioritised profitability. Not that “reassuring” after all.

Distrustful of corporations, the younger generations naturally grew tired of seeing their lives disrupted by economic downturns and ongoing conflicts around the world. On top of that, they were inheriting a trashed planet. They now had to fend for themselves by improving their relationship with work, hierarchy and social organisation.

We see this paradigm shift as the birth of the creative society — a place where every individual is an entrepreneur with the power to leverage his or her creativity for personal and collective achievement.


We live in a world that is easier to change

As technology forges ahead, the way we communicate, work and live is changing for good.

We believe there are three forces driving this change: automation, connectivity and decentralisation.

Automation of low skills and repetitive tasks has afforded us more time to devote to creativity, connectivity has made information accessible to anyone with an internet connection and decentralisation has balanced the power that is in the hands of a few and transferred it to the people.

Today, we have the freedom, flexibility and independence to choose freelance work over a full-time job; to become an influencer with the power to overturn the relationship between traditional brands and customers; to share goods and services through collaborative platforms; and, ultimately, to rethink our relationship with consumerism.


Today’s entrepreneurs are leading the way

Visionary founders are the ambassadors of the creative society. They see the world through a different lens and express their personal vision through building startups.

These creative minds are automating tedious work, connecting people, making education accessible to everyone, building tomorrow’s citizen-centric cities, improving healthcare and creating patterns for sustainable consumption. If successful, not only will they achieve self-fulfillment, but they will also make the world a better place.

Our role as a VC is to back these forward-looking entrepreneurs as they turn their vision into reality.

What to expect from us

We want to bring impact capital to daring entrepreneurs who are building the creative society

We are pushing forward the entrepreneurial minds that are shaping tomorrow’s society, providing them with trust, support and inspiration.

We think life is short and opportunity for change is scarce

We are a thesis-driven fund with a quick decision-making process. This allows us to efficiently decide whether to fund a project. Not only do we keep our investment processes short, but we also keep our legal doc simple to save time for what really matters.

We are opinionated

We have all held operating, management and entrepreneurial positions, which have enabled us to gain knowledge on a range of industries and topics. Today, we only invest in companies that have a broader vision and where we have a solid buy on the endgame. But while we do have strong opinions, we always keep in mind that greatness comes in many shapes.

We are founder zealots

We speak the same language as founders. Our role is to help, not take over. We see ourselves as a sparring partner and will be there at every step — whether it’s to meet a new hire or to discuss pricing options. Once we commit, we are in it for the long haul.