At Otium, we want to join early and stay for the long haul.

We invest as lead or co-lead at seed stage, with an initial check size anywhere between €200,000 and €2 million.

We also retain significant reserves to participate in the follow-on rounds of our portfolio companies.

Five areas where we see the biggest opportunities


The cities we live in today have been tailored to concepts (car ownership, high transportation costs and urban business clusters), which are quickly disappearing. The cities of the future will be people-centric, sustainable and focused on our well-being. We expect to see revolutionary new concepts and services appear in the coming years, affecting how we live, shop, eat and have fun.
We want to empower the minds that are building better cities for tomorrow.


A surging demand for transparency, sustainability and convenience has completely upended the traditional patterns of production, distribution and communication. We are betting on leaders who understand the major drivers behind the transformation of everyday consumption and focus on delivering perfect customer experiences.


The dislocation between old and new jobs has started, making skills learnt continuously outdated. We expect to see entrepreneurs take a big role in redefining our educational systems. Knowledge should be accessible to everyone — at any stage in life.


Digitisation and big data are improving healthcare and reducing medical costs. We are on the lookout for startups that are transforming the industry to make healthcare more accessible and affordable.


Automation will ultimately eliminate cumbersome tasks and leave instead the most creative roles to humans. We want to invest in companies that are accelerating this trend, which is freeing people’s minds to unlock higher levels of creativity.